Best Gifts For Your Cat This Holiday Season

Pet lovers love spoiling their furry friends during the holidays. This includes cat owners as well. The joke is, dogs have owners but cats have staff. However, cat owners enjoy their furry companions and appreciate their quirkiness and affection. It comes as no surprise that cat owners look forward to making the holidays bright for their feline friends.

You may wonder what you could possibly get for a cat during the season. The answer is easy- there are plenty of gift options! A quick look through google will show cat clothes, cat baskets, and cat litter trays. And for the cat parent, there are a plethora of cat mugs. Let’s take a look at some great option for cat gift giving.


If you have been dressing your cat since she was a kitten, you are in luck. Or maybe you figure this is a good time to add a sweater to his wardrobe. Cat clothes are not just fun for the owners, they can be good for cats as well – check some out. You can choose a holiday sweater for your holiday photos, or maybe a warm sweater if you will be carrying him around in a carrier during the colder months. There are also plenty of options for other holidays too – Halloween, 4th of July, Thanksgiving are just a few.

cat in a pink dress and hat

There are a few things to keep in mind, though, when choosing cat clothes. You need to consider the type of cat you have, first. If you have a bald cat, they will benefit from having an extra layer in the colder months. You need to make sure that the clothing you choose is free of any irritants. Make sure there are no rough seams or scratchy fabric. Cats are picky and if you try to put them in something uncomfortable it will be stressful for them. There are plenty of options online. So, choosing the most comfortable piece of clothing that your cat will wear should be easy.


Cats crave a safe and secure space for sleeping. Since they tend to spend a lot of time sleeping, a good bed is essential. You might even purchase more than one, so that your kitty can rest in several locations. Before purchasing a cat basket, there are a few points to consider.

black cat lying in a wicker basket

The first consideration is to make sure you buy a bed that is the right size. You do not want one that is too big, or he won’t feel secure. If it is too small, it won’t be comfortable. Remember, a kitten will probably outgrow his first bed. There are also different types of cat baskets available from Petclever. Some are designed with high sides. Others are designed to be more cave-like, which allows your cat to really snuggle in deep. Think about your cat’s personality. And make sure it is a cozy space they will enjoy. You might consider putting one in a sunny window for daytime snoozing. You could also add one to your bedroom so your kitty will be nearby during the night.

A new litter box

Another great gift option for your cat is a new throne-a cat litter tray. Cats will spend an incredible amount of time doing their business in it. Cats are also picky, so it makes good sense to pick a new one out with care.

The most important consideration when choosing a new cat litter tray, is the size of the box in relation to your cat. A good rule of thumb is that the litter tray should be at least large enough so that your cat won’t be cramped. Make sure there is enough room and space for your cat to spread out, turn around and dig.

Equally as important is the height of the sides of the box. If your cat does not kick litter out when he’s done, then any height is ok. However, if your cat does spray or kick litter out, then choose a box with taller sides. Some boxes come with lids, and some are open top. Again, think about your cat’s personality, habits, and any other pets you have at home. And you should also think about any mobility issues your cat may have-this includes young kittens who may have trouble climbing up and, in a box, as well as senior cats who may have their own issues.

Tabby cat sitting in a litter box
Tabby cat sitting in a litter box.


While your cat may not use a mug, you certainly can. Cat mugs make great gifts for yourself or for any cat owner. What makes a cat mug the perfect gift is the many options that are available for you. It is possible to get a cat mug with a picture of your cat on it. You can also get a mug with a funny cat meme or cartoon on it. This is perfect for when you are drinking a cup of coffee in the morning while watching your kitty sleeping in their basket.

cat crawled into a coffee mug

Even better than a cat mug is 2 cat mugs. Get one for you and a matching one for your cat. You can have a picture of you and your cat printed on the mugs. Cats need to drink clean and fresh water, so why not top his mug off. You can be lounging together with matching mugs. Any cat lover will deeply appreciate this.

Since cat lovers tend to be enthusiastic about their pets, you can be sure that a personalized cat mug will always make a great holiday gift.

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Wrapping it all up

Cats are wonderful additions to our homes. They give us love all year long. The holidays are the perfect time to indulge your feline friend. All cats would enjoy a new basket to sleep in. In fact, it can be the perfect respite for the during busy holiday festivities. And if you live in colder climates or have a hairless cat, a warm and comfortable sweater will be greatly appreciated. It is also always a smart idea to have a litter box or two around the house.

If you love your cat, and we are sure that you do, you know that no expense is too great when it comes to treating them right.

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