Benefits Of Using Catnip Spray CBD For Your Cat

A catnip spray is a handy-dandy way to add essences of that component, which cats find irresistible. You can spray it on their food, toys, or their bed. You might even consider spraying catnip on your pet’s scratching post. One whiff of this substance and you might see your feline friend’s eyes dilate in excitement.

But, you can also use catnip spray cannabidiol (CBD) on your cat. In this article, you can find more information about this naturally-occurring compound, along with its benefits for felines.

What Is CBD?

First, it’s crucial to know what CBD is before you can understand its benefits for your cat.

CBD is a naturally-occurring substance in cannabis plants. It shares the same source as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a prevalent compound in marijuana. THC is responsible for the mind-altering or psychoactive effects called “highs”.

Both CBD and THC promote therapeutic effects. But, the difference between these two compounds is that CBD has a significantly lower risk of getting users “stoned”.

The way CBD works is that it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in mammals, which includes humans and cats. This system is responsible for several physiological functions, including appetite, sleep, and pain management.

If an imbalance occurs in this system, ailments and associated symptoms can surface. For example, you or your kitty may experience insomnia, chronic pain, or loss of appetite. CBD works by interacting with the components in the ECS to normalize specific body functions.

Thus, herein lies the benefits your cat can gain from using catnip spray CBD.

The Benefits Of Using Catnip Spray CBD For Cats

Several health benefits are in store for your cat when they consume CBD from catnip spray. These advantages may include:

Improves Heart Health

Your feline friend isn’t immune to heart disease. Some felines might even have heart-related problems since birth. But, heart-related disorders may appear later in your pet’s life as a result of lifestyle, age, or other factors.

Some heart diseases that might be suffered by your cat include:

  • Heart murmurs – An irregularity in blood flow in your cat’s main ticker.
  • Endocardiosis – The valves in your cat’s heart don’t close and open all the way.
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy – An enlargement of a cat’s heart muscle.

As a fur parent, perhaps, the last thing you’d want to discover is that your four-legged family member has heart problems. Fret not as you can improve your kitty’s heart ailment by maintaining their healthy lifestyle.

You can support your pet’s heart health with the help of catnip spray CBD. With this product, it can help improve your cat’s heart in a myriad of ways.

For instance, CBD can help reduce the damage done by specific heart disorders. High blood pressure can cause cracks to the vessels. One study shows that this naturally-occurring substance might reduce damages done to the blood vessels from specific ailments.

CBD may also help regulate blood pressure in your cat. When the artery walls become stiff, your pet may experience ailments related to high blood pressure. Your kitty might also find it painful when blood passes through stiff artery walls. Use catnip spray CBD to cause vasorelaxation, a process wherein artery walls relax. This organic substance may also help blood move more freely than usual by widening the blood vessels.

catnip spray cbd

Alleviates Anxiety And Stress

Like humans, cats can also feel anxiety and stress at varying levels. For example, you have brought a new pup in the house, and your feline family member isn’t too keen on meeting the baby canine. Stress builds up from within your kitty, and you can see this reaction when their fur stands on end.

Furthermore, your cat might feel anxious because of several new faces in your household. Perhaps, you’re throwing a house party, and your pet is now being smothered in hugs and kisses by random individuals. The unwanted attention can give your pet anxiety. You can confirm if your cat might be having a mental breakdown if they’re trying their best to get away from these people.

You can give your pet catnip spray CBD whenever they feel anxious or stressed. One study states that this organic substance can help alleviate anxiety and stress in humans. This compound helps moderate the production of cortisol or stress hormones. This process happens by allowing CBD to influence the receptors in the brain responsible for regulating moods and other neurological activities.

Since cats also have an ECS, a similar effect may also take place. As a result, letting your cat consume catnip CBD can help alleviate anxiety and stress-related symptoms as the substance improves their brain’s fight-or-flight response.

Natural Pain Relief

Your cat isn’t immune to pain. For example, you might accidentally step on them while you’re trying to walk to your kitchen and you’re half asleep. That scenario is scary, but it’s not an impossible event.

Also, your kitty can feel discomfort from specific illnesses. Chronic pain from inflammation can cause your pet to “meow” in anguish.

CBD in catnip spray and other CBD-infused cat-friendly products has anti-inflammatory properties. This natural compound interacts with the pain receptors in the ECS. CBD signals the receptors to reduce inflammation-causing chemicals to help alleviate pain.

A study has discovered that CBD can reduce the efficiency of anandamide assimilation in the body. Anandamide is responsible for sensing pain. The research has human proponents, but a similar effect may also happen in cats.

Thus, you can use catnip spray CBD on cats with inflammation-related illnesses, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic pain

As it is a natural compound, CBD in catnip spray might be an ideal alternative to over-the-counter pet pain relievers. This substance could promote fewer chances of adverse effects as opposed to synthetic medications.


Catnip spray CBD can do wonders for your feline friend. It can help improve your pet’s heart health, anxiety, stress, and pain-related disorders. But, as with other medications, you should consult with your veterinarian first before attempting to use any CBD-infused product on your cat. An incorrect dose might put your fur baby at risk of acquiring adverse effects from the substance.

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