Are Dutch Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

Anyone who has ever owned a pet dog will be able to tell you just what a wonderful experience it is. They can be exasperating at times and, no matter the size or breed, do need exercise. Dogs are intelligent animals and can be taught to obey and perform tricks, and they are also very loyal to their owners. With such a wide variety of breeds to choose from it is not easy to settle on one breed quickly. Perhaps you have a friend who has a certain type of dog, or you’ve always wanted one of a particular breed?

For a family, the ideal dog is one that will enjoy being around children, will be a friendly presence in the home and will easily be socialized with other pets. If you’re looking for a dog such as this and want a medium to large sized dog, we recommend the Dutch Shepherd. You can find out more about these lovely dogs at

About the Dutch Shepherd

We would not be surprised if you haven’t heard of the Dutch Shepherd but are familiar with its more popular cousins the German and Belgian Shepherds. The three are very similar, yet the Dutch Shepherd – which was bred from the others in the late 1800’s – may be the most family-friendly of the three. Similar in size and appearance, these dogs were used for herding livestock in their early years, and the Dutch Shepherd faced extinction at one point.

However, this intelligent and loyal breed found favour as a police dog in the Netherlands and is now found across the world. You can find them in three colours – black, gold and silver – and they are a beautiful animal with a medium length coat. The Dutch Shepherd will be fantastic with children, can easily be trained and socialized with other animals – so the family cat will have a new friend – and enjoys a good play. All dogs like to be entertained and the Dutch Shepherd is no exception.

Gentle Temperament

The Dutch Shepherd is a gentle dog, one with a temperament that is placid and calm, and without any level of aggression whatsoever. Indeed, while a Dutch Shepherd may chase small animals it sees when out walking, catching the animal is a rare occurrence. Once you get into a good training routine, you’ll find your dog obeys your commands, but be aware that where loyalty is concerned the Dutch Shepherd forms a very strong bond with its family.

An attractive dog, you will find people want to talk to your Dutch Shepherd. The only problem here is that this is a breed that may be a little concerned where strangers are concerned. Its primary response will be the protection of its owner, and while unlikely to be aggressive towards a stranger it may be reluctant. This will become less so once the dog knows the new person, and once familiar it will happily let them into its home.


The Dutch Shepherd is a fantastic family dog, and one that needs a lot of exercise. It also needs to be kept entertained, and its high level of intelligence means many owners take their dogs on agility courses. This can be a great way of keeping the dog happy and active, and also a great social event for dog and owner.

Lively and protective, the loyal and loving Dutch Shepherd is a dog that you will find easy to train and handle, and one that will provide the family with many years of fun, companionship and enjoyment, so check them out now and see what else you can learn.

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