7 Things To Expect From Dog-Friendly Cottages

Many believe that dogs are angels here on Earth. Not only are they cute and playful, but they’re also loyal. And these characteristics make them better companions than anyone else. 

As a dog parent, you probably know how difficult it is to leave your furry angels behind whenever you go on a holiday trip. If you want to make the most of your trip with your dogs, you should start looking for dog-friendly cottages. 

Leaving your dogs to your family or friends may be one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. But don’t worry; dog-friendly cottages are to the rescue. Now, you and your lovely dog can spend time together anytime, anywhere. 

However, remember that not all dog-friendly cottages are true to their label. Some only ‘accept’ pets but don’t ‘welcome’ them as valued guests. This will make your dog’s stay quite uncomfortable, so make sure to choose carefully. 

To pick the best one, here’s the list of things you should expect to see in a dog-friendly cottage. If you don’t have one yet, check out https://www.dogfriendlyretreats.com/ and see if they can meet your dog’s needs.

1. Collar ID Tag

Upon arrival at your chosen accommodation, you should expect your dog to be given a collar identification (ID) tag. It’s simply a name tag to help you find your dog in case they go missing. Usually, an ID tag contains the following information:

  • The name of the dog
  • The name of the owner
  • The contact number of the owner
  • The room number of the owner
  • And other identifying details

A collar ID tag benefits pet-owning travelers since dogs naturally love exploring new locations. With this simple accessory, you can save your furry friend’s life if they get lost in dangerous places, such as unfamiliar streets and cities. 

If your chosen cottage gives your dog a collar ID tag upon arrival, you’ve made the right decision to choose them. This only means that they value your pets just as they value you as an important guest.  

Furthermore, some facilities may offer a copy of the ID tag your dog can use for your next visit.

2. Doggie Welcome Packs

Dogs have different ways of welcoming new locations. Some may sniff and walk around, while others may be too scared to go out, play, and explore. Giving them a welcome pack is one way to make them feel safe and secure in an unfamiliar setting. 

Doggie welcome packs often include a set of treats and a doggie bowl. However, some may offer additional goods to keep your dog happy during its stay. These may consist of a ball and a handkerchief.  

It’s good that a cottage can provide welcome packs for your dogs. But make sure to conduct thorough checking before giving them to your dogs. You want to ensure that these treats fit their diet. Otherwise, you’ll spend the first day of your vacation in a vet clinic.  

3. Underfloor Heating System

If you’re considering a holiday trip during winter, one thing you should expect in a dog-friendly cottage is an underfloor heating system. Although it’s expensive, dogs love it. And it’s way better than having their muddy paws around the kitchen’s warm and cozy tiles.

When it comes to flooring, be sure to ask the accommodation how much of their facility is actually dog-friendly. You wouldn’t want your dog to stay in the lobby because of its newly-installed carpets that keep them warm.

4. Towels, Beds, And Poop Bags

As a dog parent, your home is probably well-equipped with everything you need for your dogs. These include a set of bath towels, throws, and a bed. Hence, you should expect that these essentials will be provided upon arrival.  

Generally, throws should be kept above the floor until your dog reaches for them. Towels should be inside the drawers and must only be used after your dog gets all cleaned up from unwanted dirt and moisture. 

Then, check if your dog-friendly cottage provides a bed for your dog. Take note of its size to see if your dog can snug warmly for a rest or if it fits inside your car perfectly in case you plan to go out during your stay.  

Last but not least is the poop bags. Check if your cottage includes these in its welcome packs. If not, it’s no big deal. In fact, it would be best to have a couple of your own in case of emergencies, especially when driving.

5. Documents

Keep in mind that a dog-friendly cottage has rules and regulations every dog owner has to follow. Make sure to read and understand everything written before you give them your signature. 

Some concepts that are included in the contract are as follows:

  • Accidental damage
  • Policies regarding the type of dog
  • Policies regarding your dog’s behavior

Failure to read and understand the terms and conditions can cost you a lot, especially when it comes to damages. You might have to put an end to your dream vacation with your dog early. 

6. Enclosed Garden Spaces

Once you’ve checked all the amenities inside, it’s time to go out and see what it offers. At the very least, you should expect an enclosed garden space where your dogs can run freely without worrying about safety.

An enclosed garden space lets your dogs keep playing to their heart’s content—fetching wood and sticks, chasing little squirrels, and doing outdoor activities. Also, it’s ideal for wandering dogs, allowing them to explore new places without getting lost. 

7. Walks

A dog-friendly cottage offers places open for dogs at all times, such as beaches and parks. If they have some restrictions, such as dogs aren’t free to walk during summer, they’re misusing the label with malice.  

Also, consider looking for cottages with walks accessible to the front door. It will be difficult for you and your dog to drive a car just so you can reach the place where your dog can freely walk around, be it morning or evening. 

Final Words

A dog-friendly cottage is a great way to enjoy the holiday trips of a lifetime with your furry friend. However, be sure to choose wisely, as some may not be actually ‘dog-friendly.’ Remember what to expect upon arrival, such as collar ID tags, welcome packs, and essentials. Finally, consider the environment outside and see if it fits your dog’s needs.  

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