7 Outdoor Games for You and Your Dog

A tale as old as time. Man’s best friend, the dog. Playing and enjoying the great outdoors together. For generations this has been a pastime that many have partaken in. This may be simply walking with them or lazing around in the sunshine with them. Though there are other ways to enjoy our furry friends company.

There are several games that we can play with our canine pals which they will love. Plus we get to be active and fit ourselves. Although it can be a little tough to come up with some good games and activities. Well, we have you covered. Here is a list of great games to play outdoors with your furry friend.

1. Tetherball

This is a game you may have encountered on the playground in your lifetime. Sometimes known as swingball, this game involves a large pole and a ball on a string. The goal is for the player to swing their ball all the way around the pole until the ball cannot swing any further.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Dogs can’t play by the rules. Yeah that is true. However, they love chasing, jumping and hitting the ball around the pole. So it may be a more recreational game than a competitive one. You would obviously want to buy a sturdy tetherball set which can withstand the wrath of your dog. Here are some of the best options available.

Your dog will love you for the game. Plus it will keep you on your toes reacting to their moves. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. If you have two dogs, why not even put them up against each other like this?

2. Obstacle Course

Australian sheepdog over the jump hurdle
Australian sheepdog over the jump hurdle.

This one can be tailored for the ability and size of your dog. A fun thing to do outdoors is set up an obstacle course. If you’ve ever seen agility tests at crufts, you’ll know what we are talking about. Dogs are timed to get through different obstacles as fast as they possibly can.

These obstacles can range from hoops to jump through, tunnels to run through, poles to slalom through or ledges to jump up on. The possibilities are endless but they are the more conventional options. If your buddy has never done this sort of thing before, start small. Then as they become more adept, raise the stakes. You never know, your pup could be the next best in show winner.

3. Soccer

english bull terrier chasing ball

We mentioned a ball on a string, but how about a soccer ball instead. Dogs love chasing a ball, so when you are kicking a ball around, they will be busting to get involved. This may result in some sharp teeth around the ball so make sure it’s a tough one.

You can test if your dog is a great dribbler of the ball. Perhaps how long you can keep the ball before they win it from you. Or maybe they are a fantastic shot stopper. Put them in goal and see how many they can stop. Plus if you want to practice your long passing, your canine pal will be happy to collect the ball for you. There are so many options. See what kind of ball player your furry buddy is.

4. Sea Dogs

Staffordshire Bull Terrier fetch the yellow tennis ball

This is a great way to get your dogs acclimatised to the water. Plus it’s a great way for them to stay active too. This is basically a game of fetch with a twist. The twist being that you’ll be tossing a floating object in the sea for your dog to chase, swim to and bring back.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be the sea. A lot of us aren’t blessed with a coastline at our doorstep. So look for local lakes and rivers for some nice spots. However be sure to check with an official to make sure it is safe and has no undercurrents. This can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Though provided it’s all safe then this will have your pup happy for hours.

5. Hide And Seek

Girl playing hide and seek with dog

Yes, the childhood game that we all played and loved is dog friendly. To play all you have to do is teach your dog to stay in place. If they are able to do that then it’s go time. You can then go and hide behind some shrubbery, around a corner or anywhere that you think will give your pup a Challenge.

Then when you have safely hidden, Call your dog to come find you. It’s best to do this with a dog whistle, especially from longer distances. Then it’s down to your dog’s seeking skills to find you. You’d be surprised just how easily they find you too. It’s a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated in the great outdoors.

6. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Similar to the listing above, however instead of hiding yourself. You can hide toys and goodies. This may be new toys, ones that they know and love. Or simply some tasty treats that have been scattered around.

It’s best to do this in a small enclosed area to give the dog the best chance of finding the goodies. Also when they do find some, make sure to give them lots of praise. It’s good to reward them for being good seekers. You can also make this more elaborate by encasing the treats in puzzles.

7. Jump Rope

Jack Russell Terrier jumping over a rope
Jack Russell Terrier jumping over a rope.

Sometimes known as double Dutch. This game requires a skipping rope. Plus depending on the amount of dogs taking part, consider the length of rope needed. All you need to do is rotate the rope around and your dog should jump to get out of the way.

This might require a little training at first so start slow and be patient. It can be tricky for pups to learn new skills. However, if they do succeed, this can be a really fun and active game for them. Plus if you find someone to spin the rope for you. Then you and your dog can jump together.

So that’s our list of outdoor games to play with your dog. Did we miss any? Are there any games that you played on this list? What kind of dog do you have and what is their name? Please let us know and thank you for reading.

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