6 Reasons to Adopt Greyhounds

Are you looking for a couch potato dog? Well, Greyhounds are the ideal example of canines with low energy levels and a love for snuggling. This breed is boasted for its racing abilities, high intelligence, and warm-hearted nature.

Greyhounds get along with children and other pets without becoming aggressive. They love to play for short intervals but prefer lying on the couch for the rest of the day. When looking for ways to entertain your pet, have your greyhound enjoy some toys in the shape of rabbits, raccoons, and hedgehogs.

These are the main reasons why adopting such a canine is recommended.

Excellent apartment dogs

In spite of their large size, Greyhounds are one of the best apartment dogs. Believe it or not, these canines are known for being couch potatoes, gladly spending their time relaxing or taking naps. Their laid-back attitude unquestionably contradicts their racing skills. All these creatures need is a comfy bed for them to rest without experiencing any pain.

Besides purchasing a nice bed, Greyhound owners are also suggested to invest in a cozy blanket to keep them warm at all times. Nevertheless, your beloved pet would undoubtedly prefer lying next to you on the sofa instead of sleeping in its own bed. Despite being the fastest runners, Greyhounds aren’t demanding when it comes to exercise.

For instance, these canines need physical activity to channel their energy during a short period of about ten minutes, after which they remain calm for hours. After taking your Greyhound for a run in the park, he/she will probably spend the following five hours sleeping. You shouldn’t worry about not having a yard, as a short walk in the park is all your canine companion needs to channel its energy.

6 Reasons to Adopt Greyhounds

Don’t require much grooming

Greyhounds aren’t exactly the hairiest of dogs, which makes them perfect as far as grooming is concerned. Hence, you shouldn’t be concerned about the long grooming sessions your pet would have to spend at the groomer. Your only task would be to brush your beloved companion on a daily basis to prevent shedding and dog mats. Click here to learn some helpful tricks about brushing your dog.

As far as bathing is concerned, you won’t have to bathe your canine friend more than once every two months. Greyhounds are similar to felines regarding hygiene, so they would need a bath only when becoming overly dirty.

Nevertheless, these short-haired canines lack the necessary body protection throughout the winter period. In order to prevent Greyhounds from feeling cold, make sure to invest in a sweater or a coat to keep them warm when heading outside.

They’re incredibly sweet

Human companionship is what Greyhounds adore the most, which makes them amazingly sweet and affectionate. There’s nothing these short-haired creatures like better than cuddling with their owners, constantly sitting by their side. Greyhounds keep their owners’ company in all of their activities, such as watching TV, reading a book, cooking, etc.

Consequently, it’s no wonder most individuals interpret their affectionate nature as clinginess. These canines are considered suitable pets for people who don’t mind being followed around the house in every move. The devotion of Greyhounds to their owners makes them rather reserved when meeting someone new for the first time. The following link, https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/sophie-hurst/why-rescuing-a-greyhound-_b_11603878.html, explains how rescuing a Greyhound will benefit your physical and mental health.

6 Reasons to Adopt Greyhounds

Great with kids

Another reason for individuals to consider adopting such as dog is their ability to fit perfectly in every family. These creatures are one of the best pets families can wish for due to their incredibly affectionate attitude towards children. Greyhounds are affectionate to kids of different ages, particularly older kids.

On the other hand, they might be less fond of playing with toddlers due to their inquisitive nature and temperamental personality. Since toddlers refuse to follow rules and boundaries, their attitude can be overwhelming. Like children, canines experience difficulties while trying to find their personal space.

Nevertheless, the loving and intelligent nature of Greyhounds is what makes kids adore them and accept them as part of their families. The more love children have for these dogs, the more they get in return.

Get along with other canines

Children aren’t the only ones Greyhounds get along with. These warm-hearted canines are fond of playing with other dogs without showing any signs of hostility. Instead of seeing other dogs as enemies, these creatures see them as friends. They have no intention of asserting themselves as alpha canines when in a group.

6 Reasons to Adopt Greyhounds

Furthermore, pet owners shouldn’t be concerned about their socialization with other creatures. They can introduce them to different types of pets without fearing any fights or hostile behavior. The only creatures that are likely to trigger the interest of these dogs are the ones small in size. Upon seeing a tiny cat or a dog, your companion is most likely to start chasing it.

They love to socialize

Another crucial reason to adopt such a dog is the sociable personality of these canines. This breed is fond of socializing, traveling, and getting dressed up when going outside. As mentioned before, these canines lack the necessary body insulation, which means you need to dress them up in winter. Unlike some breeds, they seem to enjoy wearing sweaters and coats. Some pets even participate in the process of picking their outfits.

When it comes to socialization, this breed is touted for its remarkable manners and politeness. Although they might seem reserved in the beginning, their true personality is revealed soon after getting to know a person a bit better. Adopting such a pet means not only enjoying its company but also saving his/her life.

Even though Greyhound racing is considered a bad practice, it’s still common in the USA. Hence, a myriad of canines of this breed gets killed each year because of their old age or incapacity to compete. By adopting one, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Final word

Adopting a Greyhound means saving a life!

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