6 Activities to Enjoy When Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with a dog doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your time away from home. Although there are a few restrictions that you’ll need to consider, you won’t be short on fun things to do with your pet.

Nowadays, many public places are happy to accommodate dogs. You’ll be able to take your pet into most restaurants and public spaces so they can enjoy the vacation as much as you. You can even take them on a boating holiday if you are feeling adventurous!

With that being said, it’s important to do your research before setting off on your trip, no matter where you’re going. If you’re planning a trip around popular Australian cities, search for dog friendly places in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

By doing some research, you can relax a little on your trip knowing that you can bring your dog along with you everywhere you go.

Your four-legged friend deserves an enjoyable traveling experience and there are plenty of ways to make it a trip of a lifetime for them. You can spend quality time with your pup and bond over a range of fun activities.

Below, we’ve rounded up a great list of six great activities to consider for your trip when traveling with a furry friend.

1. Take a Long Walk

Just because you’re traveling to a new place, it doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the daily dog walks! Your furry friend will appreciate heading out into the fresh air and exploring a brand-new place.

As you walk around, you can discover new sights, take photos to capture the beauty of the scenery, and get some sunlight on your skin. Both you and your pet can get in your daily steps and improve your physical fitness too.

2. Go Hiking

If you’re traveling through the countryside, it’s the perfect opportunity to go hiking with your pet. Find an intriguing forest trail or a small mountain to climb on a sunny day so that both you and your dog can get some physical exercise.

You can explore the sights as you go deeper into the forest or climb higher up the mountain and take in the beauty of nature.

3. Find Some Delicious Dog Treats

When you’re traveling to a new city or town, there are bound to be some unique and quirky pet shops. See if you can find one that sells delicious dog treats to find something exciting for your dog to feast on.

Even if the new dog treats aren’t the healthiest option, your pup deserves a treat every now and then, just like you do! If you spot something delicious to snack on yourself, vacation is the best time to indulge. You can sit with your dog in a cute café or outside in the fresh air to enjoy your delicious treats.

You might be able to find a restaurant that offers gourmet dog food if you’re lucky! Alternatively, see if you can find a recipe for a gourmet dog dish online and try creating something yourself!

4. Have a Sing and Dance

There’s no better way to relieve some of your stress than dancing it away. Put on some fun tunes and have a dance around with your dog.

When you’re driving in the car, switch the dancing for singing. Hum along to the music and see if your dog wants to join in with a bowl or two.

You might feel silly singing and dancing with your dog but any devoted dog parents out there will empathize! More people sing and dance in the car with their four-legged friends than you might think!

Make sure to give your dog a break if you’re dancing around with them. They can get tired much quicker than us humans and you don’t want them to get too tired while you’re traveling.

5. Go to the Beach

Vacationing near the beach presents a great opportunity for you and your dog to relax in the sun or get physical and have a run around on the sand. Spend the day by the beach, taking in the incredible sea view, breathing in the crisp air, and enjoying the hot sun.

Take a beach ball to play with your dog or allow them to play in the shallow waters. If you let them go into the sea, make sure they are on a lead so they can’t venture to far away from the coast.

If it’s a particularly warm day, it’s important to keep yourself and your dog hydrated. Running around on the beach in the hot sun can quickly cause your pet to get dehydrated, so make sure they take regular water breaks.

6. Head to an Outdoor Market

Take a walk around the local town or village that you’re traveling through and see if you can spot an outdoor market. Walk your dog through the small shops and see if there is anything that you fancy buying.

Most outdoor markets are dog friendly. They often have food stalls so you can treat yourself to some lunch and your dog can get some exercise. Even if you don’t end up buying any gifts or food, it’s a great day out for the two of you.

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