5 Amazing Items You Should Have On Hand For Your Pet

Pets in the home are one of the most tremendous statistics in America. Currently over 84 million Americans have some sort of pet they have included as part of their family. Having a companion pet has been something that has been handed down through the human culture for centuries. From Caesar to Napoleon, having a pet has always been considered in enjoyment, pleasure, and work.

Today, more and more people are including pets into their homes. To date, there are more dogs and cats in the home as pets than any other animal and people are quickly learning that in order to have a pet in the home, there are certain standards that you have to live by. You have to remember that your pet isn’t there just for your enjoyment and happiness, you are there to nurture, protect, and care for.

If you are a pet owner, you have probably considered a lot of different options to help keep your pet balanced and stable. If that’s true, we have discovered five must-have items your household should definitely have for your pet.

#1 – The Pack Leader Mentality

First and foremost, all pet owners, before they even begin looking for a new companion for their home, should practice pack leader mentality. When you consider your pet as first a wild animal that is about to enter your domain, you need to consider animal traits and practices. While having a pack leader mentality isn’t something you can keep on the shelf, it is definitely a characteristic your entire family should practice to keep your pet trained and balanced.

Ceasar Millan, host of the popular show The Dog Whisperer, claims that anyone can change their behavior. He claims to train dogs but rehabilitate people. Due to this nature by humans, we tend to humanize our pets and therefore create unstable tendencies that cause havoc and chaos in our home. The pet wants a leader. Even if the pet is unstable, if no one steps up to the pack leader position, the pet will assume this role because in their mind, every pack needs one.

The way you practice pack leadership is through calm confidence and stern assertiveness. Your pet responds naturally to these characteristics and, as Millan shares, pulls from the positive or negative energy you produce. Every home should practice the pack leader mentality which will always keep the pet stable and secure.

#2 – Exercise Ideas

Within every happy home in which a pet resides, the family understands to practice consistency on every level, including exercise. No matter what your pet is, they need to get out and stretch their legs.

The walk is the most primal form of exercise that every pet understands, because every pet wants to roam. The walk is also great psychological reinforcement of the pack leadership with your entire family as it builds trust and creates a solid bond with the animal.

Woman jogging with dog in a park
Woman jogging with dog in a park.

Through exercising your pet, you can come up with creative ways to build that trust and make it enjoyable for you and your pet every time you allow them to exercise. Some people believe that throwing a tennis ball around in the backyard is considered exercise. However, they are wrong. This is play, not exercise and should not be confused as such. Play is when your pet gets to do whatever they want, but exercise is regimented and orderly and allows structure to take place. Not only that, it also helps your pet maintain a healthy weight and keeps them on a wellness path.

#3 – CBD Oil for Pets

You may be wondering “How does CBD work in pets?”, because there are many industries right now that are including CBD ingredients in a lot of different things meant for humans. CBD is one of the most commonly found compounds in the hemp plant and is currently legal in America. Scientists have found several positive health benefits for CBD for pets, such as improved cognitive function, helps relieve pain, and has been known to alleviate stress.

It is important to remember that CBD oil for pets is not the same as a regular CBD oil bottle a human would try. The reason why is that animals have a more sensitive endocannabinoid system. This ECS is found in both humans and animals like dogs, and has been known to become activated when CBD intermingles with this system. The ECS is directly connected to a lot of other important functions in the body like cognitive, neurological, and immune and can be a very powerful substance for your pet. However, it is important to purchase CBD oil that is specifically made for your pet.

CBD oil is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries in America because of the ease of use and the positive benefits it has on both the human and animal systems. If your pet suffers from anxiety, stress, or painful symptoms like arthritis, CBD may be a great solution to have on hand.

#4 – Stay Consistent with Discipline and Affection

Discipline and affection are two constants every pet should have in their life. For the most part, this function is about being the pack leader and the energy you portray while exercising this action on your pet.

There are many great resources you can educate yourself with which will teach you how to stay consistent with both of these actions and these self-help books are great to have lying around so you can stay in tune with what your pet needs.

You can have a very well-trained pet that is still unbalanced, and you could have a well-balanced pet that isn’t trained. It is important to understand how to merge these two characteristics together to make your pet complete. The entire rehabilitation process emerges when the owner practices consistent discipline and affection, but more importantly, performs them at the correct moment. Remember, your pet is always sensing your energy so make sure you understand every nuance of your actions before you begin.

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#5 – Have The Right Leash and Collar

Young woman walking with Beagle dog
Young woman walking with Beagle dog.

The leash and collar you have lying around the house is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. There are many pet owners who have large animals for pets. Normally, the pet owner chooses some outlandish collar for the dog like a choke collar or a collar with spikes. It is crucial to understand that these collars are not going to bring your animal into submission when you need them to, but rather, only provide a more energetic and chaotic energy when you try to practice discipline.

A simple leash and collar are the best bet for any pet you have. During the walking ritual, make sure the animal’s collar is high on the neck, under the ears for best control. The right leash and collar could mean the difference between your pet listening and obeying you verses having a choke collar on that is piercing their skin and causing them to display more hectic behavior.

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Be A Calm Force of Energy

There are literally thousands of tools you can use to help you become a better pet owner and help your pet stay balanced and healthy. However, you should never forget the most important tool of all – you. Your pet will gravitate towards whatever energy you are portraying that day.

Remember, pets live in the now. They don’t care about what happened at work last week, or the stressful day today. All they know is you’re there NOW and they want to share in your energy. Make the most of it with these five crucial tools to have a balanced and happy pet.

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