4 Pet Photography Ideas For Fun Photos

Want to take cute, whimsical photos of your dog or cat? Here are some excellent ways to create fun photos at home, with only the props you already have at your disposal. 

Capturing your pet is one of those rare moments in life. Nine times out of ten, by the time we grab our cameras to catch our beloved dog or cat, bunny or hamster, the moment has passed. Pets move around too much. They don’t understand the concept of photography. We can teach them to sit still and bribe them with treats, but otherwise a good photo of your pet requires a genuine attempt at recreating photo shoot conditions. This is the only way we can effectively maintain a high quality level of pet photograph, even if you have a hyperactive one.

4 Ways to take Fun Pet Portraits

Here are some great ideas for innovative pet photography shoots you can do with your little love. These ideas should result in fun photos that you can cherish forever – and that ought to bring a smile to your face.

1 – The background switcheroo

A transparent background can make your photo pop off the page. Turning the background transparent and then overlaying it with another photo can lead to endless laughs. To have fun with backgrounds, start with a photo of your dog jumping, leaping, or mid-flight. Next, in the editing suite, remove that background. Now you have a photo of a flying dog to play with. Put him/her on a trampoline. Place your pet in space. Make them about to land on a bouncy castle. The opportunities for a good belly aching laugh are endless.

2 – Macro Photography

Small pets can be particularly difficult to deal with. This article on macro photography of a pet jumping spider can help explain the differences in technique a larger subject matter takes in comparison with smaller pets. Macro photography creates dramatic scenes which capture the intricate details of a tiny world. Using a camera with macro capabilities, you can make out the hairs on a spider’s body. You can see their eyes up close or see a hummingbird’s wings in motion mid-flight. Macro photography is a fun way to experience a tiny world in a new light.

3 – Catching Food

There is a professional photographer who popularised pet portraits of a unique style. This photographer, a German named Christian Vieler, takes pictures of dogs as they are catching treats. Some of the expressions that the animals wear are incredible. If you have a pet that is partial to treat tossing, set your camera to a higher shutter speed and get ready to click the second you toss the treat. You will be amazed at the expressions on your pets face as they go for the kill.

4 – Boop Cam

The closer your camera is to your pets’ nose, the better the boop-shot you can get. This shot is up close and personal with your pet, down on their level and featuring their whole body. If you apply a fishbowl style effect to the shot, you will have a cool photo of a dog, from how another dog sees it. Taking shots from this angle will improve much of your pet photography in future.

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