3 Unique Ways to Dispose of Dog Poop

Unfortunately, all dogs poop and it needs to be picked up. Dog owners are even required by law in most states to clean up dog poo in public places! This helps to keep public places clean and prevents people from stepping on an unwelcomed surprise.

It is not that difficult at all to clean up your dog’s poop. Typically, you can use a special type of plastic bag for dog’s poop and dispose of it in a trashcan. Most dog owners will put their hand in the bag and pull the plastic bag inside out. This way you avoid contact with the poo, but also pick it up at the same. However, there are also some dog waste disposal systems that are efficient and easy. We’ll go over why dog poop is annoying and some different ways to pick it up and dispose of it more efficiently.

Why is Dog Poop Annoying?

Dog poop can cause someone to accidentally step on it and we’ve all done it. Having dog poop under your shoe is one of the most annoying smells and nuisances in the world! Most people try to scrape it off the edge of the sidewalk or wipe it on the grass to remove it with it. Even then, the sole of your shoe will still smell.

Dog poop is not clean and smells. Sidewalks and paths should not be marred by dog poo because it’s not safe for the public.

Dog poop contains bacteria which makes it not sanitary. It’s also how several bacterial diseases spread among dogs.

Where can I leave the dog poo?

You must put the dog poo in a bag and throw it away. These bags can be disposed of in your own trash, a public waste bin, or a special dog poop trash can. There are also municipal waste bins and special trash cans for dog poop where you can put your dog poop bag. Besides the dog waste bag, there are other methods that work for disposing of your dog’s poop.

1. Dog-Scooper

This is for people who really don’t want to get their hands close to their dog’s poop. This tool has a gripping arm which you can easily pick up your dog’s poop. With the gripping arm, you scoop up the poo in a trash can or decomposition pile.

2. Dissolving Dog Poop

Gardening lime is very effective at dissolving dog poop over a period of time so you don’t have to pick it up. All you have to do is sprinkle the substance on top of your dog’s poop and it will break it down within a matter of days.

3. In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

Many people who have their own yard like to install an in-ground dog waste disposal system. You simply put your dog’s poop into the disposal system and it will break it down over time when you use enzymes and bacteria. This is great because you never to uninstall the bin or empty the bin in the trash. The enzymes will break down the dog poop into liquid.

Conclusion for Unique Ways to Dispose of Dog Poop

Dog poop is mandatory to clean and many people aren’t aware of the other options that they can use aside from picking up poop with a plastic bag. There are several other options that you have including using a dog scooper, dissolving your dog’s poop, or installing an in-ground dog waste disposal system.

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