3 Secrets to Keeping Wet Cat Food Fresh

Every cat owner knows how excited their furry friends get when it is time to receive their food. You probably do everything in your power to make sure that you are getting them good food with the quality they deserve, so if that food gets bad it is just a waste of money and time. Especially now in the summertime, keeping the wet food becomes even more challenging, but we are here to help you with 3 very useful secrets on how to do this. 

3 Secrets To Keeping Wet Cat Food Fresh

If you are buying bigger cans and your furry friend is not eating a whole one at once, this might cause you some issues with food going bad. Of course, there are obvious choices like putting it in the fridge, but this might mean that all of your groceries can smell just like cat food, and not everyone loves that. But we have a trick for you regarding that as well just keep reading to find out the 3 easiest and smartest ways to keep wet cat food fresh.

1. Putting it in the fridge

As we said, this is the obvious choice and probably the safest since we are doing this even for our food. But we all know the specific smell of cat food, and this is not the most appealing one for humans. And if you put an open can of wed food in your fridge, you risk that your strawberries and other groceries might end up with a slight smell of cat food. 

To avoid this, you can put an air-tight lid on the can that will first keep the food wet and second stop the smell. Those lids can be found in almost any pet store and normal supermarkets since they can be used for human food.

3 Secrets To Keeping Wet Cat Food Fresh

2. Automatic wet food feeders

You definitely have seen some of those used for dry food, but there are some great options for wet food. There are even a couple of models that can be used for both dry and wet food if your furry friends prefer to have a mixture of both in their diet. This is actually a great option, and you can find some excellent choices for dry and wet food on catfoodpoint because no matter what tricks we share with you, the quality of the food also matters when it comes to how easy and how long you can keep it fresh.

So, you can find many options on Amazon and probably in the local pet shop about the automatic wet food feeders. The basic functions are the same as those used for dry food, and you can set the portion and when the food should be given to your cat. The feeders for wet food have specific functions that will help the food stay fresh and wet until it is given to your pet.

3. Put the food in a shady and cooler place

If you know you will be gone only for a couple of hours, your pet will probably just go and eat the rest of the food on their plate while still making sure the food will remain fresh longer. Make sure that the plate is not positioned somewhere that will be under direct sunlight or place where it becomes really hot. 

However, if you choose a location that is a bit darker and with shades will be better. In this way, the food will be positioned in a place where it will be a bit cooler and will remain fresh for longer. However, if you are gone for longer than 4 hours, it is better not to leave food in the open if it is very hot in your place since it might go bad and cause stomach problems to your furry friend. 

Final thoughts

It is not easy to keep your wet cat food fresh in the summer months, but it is a task you need to take seriously since your pet’s health depends on it. If you will be gone for a longer period and your cat loves wet food, better don’t count only on a wet food feeder. Those also will need some recharging of the food and the ice pack compartment but ask a friend or hire a catsitter. In this way, you will make sure your best friend receives quality fresh food all the time.

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