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6 Tips To Make Your Pet LOOK Like The Best In The Whole World

6 Tips To Make Your Pet LOOK Like The Best In The Whole World
Dog lying down on grass.

We love our pets. In our minds they have no equal on this planet. So why don’t the pictures we take of them make them look like they are the best in the whole entire world? Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Cockatoo, you can follow a few quick tips to make help make your beloved companions shine in pictures as much as they shine in your life.

6 Common Health Problems in Beagles and How to Address Them

Common Health Problems In Beagles
Doctor examining Beagle dog with woman assistant at veterinary clinic.

Are Beagles really prone to certain diseases?

This is a question that many Beagle owners ask. And it only makes sense because by knowing those ailments their pet is predisposed to, these health issues can be prevented.

So, what are the common health problems in Beagles? Is there a way for you to prevent these diseases from wreaking havoc to your pet?

All these – and more – are what this post is all about. We will reveal to you the 6 common health issues with Beagles and what you can do to help your pet steer clear of these medical concerns.

Is CBD Helpful For Pets? Find Out If They Have Benefits Here!

Is CBD Helpful for Pets

The advantages of CBD or most commonly known as cannabis oil have been the subject of recent critical observation and examination.

There are pet owners that claim that cannabis oil aids their pets with a host of certain medical conditions. And there are also some pet owners that don’t really want to resort to CBD as they apparently come from marijuana plants.

With the present legalization of CBD in various states, certain accidents of pets like overdosing have made pet owners wary. But that’s understandable, even for the fact that cannabis oil doesn’t really make anyone high, including pets. And that’s the primary reason why CBD is not responsible for overdose cases.

But the main thing here is that even if cannabis oil doesn’t produce negative effects in pets, owners must inquire whether CBD is actually beneficial for their treasured pets.

Now if ever you’re wondering whether CBD oil could be the only approach to your pet’s comfort, here are certain things you must learn about the product.

How Much Should a Beagle Eat a Day? Feeding Guide You Need to Know

How Much Should a Beagle Eat a Day
Beagle dog eating tasty food from bowl.

Are you thinking of owning a Beagle?

Great choice! This dog breed is an absolute sweetheart because of its gentle and pleasant disposition. It’s a great dog for the family, and they do well with little kids, too.

But before you bring one home, it is important to know how much should a Beagle eat a day. Feeding varies depending on the dog’s age and needs, so you should pay close attention to the type and amount of food you give your canine friend.

Here, we discuss essential topics involved in a Beagle’s diet – caloric requirements, type of food, and some do’s and don’ts when it comes to feeding your pet. These are the things you need to know as a pet owner to make sure your dog thrives and stays healthy longer.

Use this post as a reference guide to help you make an informed decision on what to feed your Beagle. If you’re ready to get started, let’s go ahead and jump right in!

How to Treat Dog Ear Infections Naturally: The Awesome Home Remedies!

How to Treat Dog Ear Infections Naturally
Ear infection in dog.

As dog owners, we need to be prepared in case of any unexpected illnesses like arthritis or the common cold. Not only do you need to monitor your dog’s activities, but the way they feel as well. While they can’t vocalize like a human, they do show obvious signs to let you know it’s time to take them to the vet.

For ear infections specifically, many of us already know what to expect: A ton of itching and head shaking, sometimes even some liquid coming out! As a result, you get costly vet visits and medication.

Fortunately, there are ways on how to treat dog ear infections naturally. Read on as I show you the different home remedies you can try for your dog’s ears.

When Do Border Collies Calm Down? All About Energetic Pets

When Do Border Collies Calm Down
A border collie puppy relaxes on a wooden bench.

One thing I love most about Border Collies is that they’re extremely energetic. One thing I hate most about Border Collies is that they’re extremely energetic, too! This is a love-hate relationship many dog owners experiences, because while we love playing with our Border Collies, they have SO much energy to the point we get tired of it, especially when busy.

It has us wondering, “When do Border Collies calm down?” Or do they even ever calm down at all? I’ll be sharing you the answer and some bonus tips to help with their high levels of energy in this article, so read on!

The Different Border Collie Eye Problems to Watch Out For

Border Collie Eye Problems

Whether you’re planning to get a Border Collie or already own one, it’s crucial to prepare! Not only should you prepare the various equipment they’ll need for better health and care, but you also have to learn what to expect from them. After all, Border Collies have unique traits, just as all dog breeds do!

With that said, you also have to prepare for the possible sicknesses they may have. Unfortunately, this breed is also victim to different diseases, including Border Collie eye problems. Learning about the eye diseases and issues they may have in the long run can help you perform preventative measures or treat them immediately fora longer and fulfilling life for your pet.

With that said, what are the eye problems to look out for? Read on as I show you all the common Border Collie eye problems!

6 Awesome Mental Exercises For Border Collies

mental exercises for border collies
Border collie dog catching a plastic disc.

Border Collies aren’t only strong and majestic, but they have such a huge amount of energy that requires training! Being intelligent dogs, this is a must to ensure that they respect you and their home. After all, you wouldn’t want a smart Border Collie who defies your commands!

Besides this, they also need mental stimulation to maintain their intelligence and understanding of commands. Similar to us humans, such games and learnings can hone our minds, resulting in better trains of thought. The best part is that, for dogs, you can stimulate their minds with games you’ll both find extremely fun!

But what are the different mental exercise for Border Collies you can do? Read on as I show you six of my pet’s favorite ones!

Can Border Collies Swim? The Answers You Need to Know!

Can Border Collies Swim
Border Collie is swimming in a blue sea.

If there’s one thing I know about Border Collies, it’s that they love to move around a LOT. Not only do they love moving around, but they love engaging in work and different meaningful activities. After all, most dogs have the energy to keep moving around and playing with their owners!

But one thing I worry about is Border Collies and waters. Can Border Collies swim and do they enjoy the activity? Many people have asked me the same thing, so I decided to research and see if they can handle the waters well.

So read on as I let you know if Border Collies can swim and answer the question, “Do Border Collies like to swim?”

How to Discipline a Dachshund: The Easy Steps to Follow

how to discipline a dachshund

Dachshunds are one of the most lovable creatures, having the unique hotdog size everyone adores! With their small body comes a big personality, brightening up any home. But while they do have such happy yet calm personalities, they’re also notoriously known to be difficult to train and would bark or nip at feet a LOT!

That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to discipline a Dachshund and train them well, especially when they’ve done something wrong. Did you know that there is a correct way to do so, though? You need to make sure you don’t punish your Dachshund, but correct their behavior healthily!

To do so, read on! I’ll show you the effective ways on how to discipline a Dachshund successfully.

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