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How to Crop Doberman Ears At Home: The Safe Steps

how to crop doberman ears at home
Obedient brown Doberman dog with cropped ears lying outdoors.

I’m sure if you own a Doberman, you’ve asked yourself whether it’s worth having their ears cropped or not. It’s a normal procedure for most Dobermans to go through, which helps shape their ears and have it stand erect. After all, it’s the Doberman’s ears that have them identify them as Dobermans.

While you can crop their ears from a reputable center, some opt to do it at home. However, you need to know how to crop Doberman ears at home properly and with caution. If you’re planning to do so, then read on as I show you the proper tips on how.

Dew Claw Removal Recovery Time: What to Know About Dewclaw

dew claw removal recovery time

Have you noticed that your dog’s little toe sits a bit higher up their leg and away from their paw’s “bed?” For some dogs, these toes are attached tightly, while in others, they’re just loosely attached to their legs. These are their dew claws, and if you’ve stumbled upon this article, you’re most likely considering to remove them!

Well, before you do, it’s best to learn more about the process and the dew claw removal recovery time as well. This can help you know what to expect and how to help your dog recover quicker after the procedure.

So to learn all about dew claw removal recovery healing time, read on!

Can Dogs Get Postpartum Depression? How to Handle It

Can Dogs Get Postpartum Depression

Your dog has just given birth and went through labor with successful delivery, congratulations, it’s time to celebrate! With a wonderful litter of pups and a healthy mom, it’s time to enjoy helping your pups grow to beautiful dogs. However, there are some things you have to look into after birth, taking great care of the mom.

Not only will your mama dog go through a lot of physical work caring for her litter, but their emotions will also take a toll. Just like us, they also go through different mental health issues, so it has you wonder, “Can dogs get postpartum depression?”

Read on as I’ll answer if they do go through it and anything else to learn about postpartum depression in dogs.

Are Tennis Balls Bad For Dog’s Teeth? Learn Now!

Are Tennis Balls Bad For Dog's Teeth
French Bulldog puppy playing with his ball.

One of the most popular toys I’ve ever given to my dog was a tennis ball. This is THE classic toy, seeing it in movies, pet stores, and with a ton of pet owners using it for fetch! However, it’s come to my attention that some owners complain about their dog’s dental health from the tennis ball itself.

It had me wonder, “Are tennis balls bad for dog’s teeth?” I started delving into my research and asked other dog owners about their experience with giving tennis balls to their dogs. So if you want to see the truth about tennis balls, then read on!

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