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What To Do If Your Dog Drinks Alcohol: Immediate Steps to Take

what to do if your dog drinks alcohol
Humorous photograph of English Bulldog resting in a black leather chair with a cigar and glass of cognac.

I think one of the topmost prohibited things for dogs is alcohol, with so many fur parents fearful of their dogs taking the substance. Fortunately, not many animals actually like the taste of alcohol anyway, so there’s no worry about them actively looking for it in your glass. Plus, no dog owner in the right mind would actually try feeding alcohol to their pets deliberately!

But of course, some things can happen during parties and your dog can get to it, being the curious one he is. If you find them drinking some spiked punch, what’s the next step? Read on as I show you what to do if your dog drinks alcohol.

Finding Out Which Dog Breed is Compatible With You

Which Dog Breed is Compatible With You
Group of different dogs.

Are you thinking about getting a dog for a while, but you can’t make up your mind when it comes to the right dog breed? The truth is that this is indeed an important decision to make. You should choose a dog breed that is suitable for your personality and lifestyle. If you do so, your life together with the chosen companion will be easy and enjoyable.

With so many lovely dog breeds out there, a final decision can be indeed challenging. They are all cute and have their interesting character, but you can’t have them all, for sure. So, you may wonder which one will fit in your life in the best way possible? Which dog breed is best for your family? Or which one gets along great with your children if the case?

Considering that this process is not an easy one, here are some aspects you need to have in mind before choosing the ideal dog breed.

Training a Border Collie Puppy Not to Bite: 5 Easy Steps

training a border collie puppy not to bite
Amazing cute black and white border collie puppy bite finger.

No matter what kind of dog breed you’re getting, you have to make sure that they’re properly trained while they’re young to avoid them from being stubborn in the long run. The same goes for Border Collies, and while they are adorable, they can’t train themselves, especially when it comes to biting. So how can you begin training a Border Collie puppy not to bite?

I did the research and began training my own puppies myself, so after learning from it all, read on! I’ll be showing you the steps and tips to follow to keep your puppy from biting.

My Husky Is Not Eating! Why It Happens and What to Do

my husky is not eating
White Siberian Husky puppy is tired of food.

One of the most important aspects in caring for your Husky is by feeding them well with proper nutrients. However, one thing I noticed when caring for my dog: My Husky is NOT eating! Sometimes he would eat a lot, other times, he just doesn’t eat. It really worried me and had me wonder if it was time to take him to the vet!

But there are actually reasons why Huskies don’t eat, so after much research and a trip to the doctor, I learned more about it. Read on as I share to you why your Husky is not eating and when it’s time to take action.

Are Boxers Good With Cats? Living With Cats and Dogs

are boxers good with cats
Old Boxer dog and cat napping.

While Boxers are such friendly hand lovable dogs who stay loyal with their owner, what about with other animals? Many people have often wondered, “Are Boxers good with cats?” as households can come with felines, too! And because of the tough appearance of the Boxer, it can be worrying and there’s a need to prepare when letting them in the multi-pet household.

While there ARE tips on how cats and dogs can share a home, some dog breeds shouldn’t be together with smaller animals. As for Boxers, there’s an answer to that so read on as I explain whether or not they’re great companions.

Boxer Puppy Crate Training: 5 Important Steps to Follow

boxer puppy crate training
Crate Training your puppy.

Boxer puppies are one of the most adorable dogs to own and nurture until they become strong and lovable adults. But of course, as a high energy breed, you need to make sure that they’re trained well to avoid them from being stubborn. That’s why I recommend boxer puppy crate training to all Boxer dog owners, which help keep them disciplined.

The question is: How can you begin crate training puppies while maintaining the discipline of your puppy? It can get quite difficult trying to figure it out, so read on! I’ll be showing you some tips on how to crate train your puppy.

The 5 Common Boxer Dog Eye Problems You Need to Know About

boxer dog eye problems
Female purebred Boxer dog looks sad while staring at camera indoors.

When owning a Boxer of your own, you have to make sure you’re able to identify and prevent any health problems they may have. They may incur common Boxer dog eye problems, which is why it’s crucial to learn more about it before it happens to them. But what are the common conditions you need to know and what are their causes and symptoms?

I did all the research to help you out, so read on! I’ll be showing you the five most common Boxer dog eye problems you need to know about now.

Why Do Dachshunds Bark So Much? The 5 Interesting Reasons Why

why do dachshunds bark so much
Angry dachshund growls teeth bared.

When owning a Dachshund, I’m sure you’ve already heard it bark even more than it ever bit or growled at anyone. While it may have been cute at first, it now seems irritating, especially when they begin to bark at the middle of the night for no apparent reason! Why do Dachshunds bark so much anyway?

It’s actually not a huge mystery and there are several reasons why besides it being a part of their traits as a dog breed. If you want to learn more about Dachshunds barking a LOT, then read on! I’ll be showing you the top reasons why.

What Does it Mean When a Dog Snorts? The Reasons to Watch Out For

what does it mean when a dog snorts
Border Collie sniffing on a brown field.

There are so many cute and adorable things that a dog does that causes laughter. May it be snoring, smiling, or even sneezes, they look so cute and it makes you want to get a camera to keep that memory safe! However, what does it mean when a dog snorts? Are these small mannerisms leading to something serious, or are their noises just something to brush aside?

There are different meanings to your dog’s noises, particularly when it comes to snorting. So if you’re worried and want to learn more about it, read on! I’ll be showing you why your dog snorts and what else to know about it.

What Does It Mean When a Dog Licks a Cat? The Reasons Why!

what does it mean when a dog licks a cat
The dog licks the cat.

Have you ever seen your dog lick your cat before? It looks so cute and adorable, as it shows intimacy between both pets that many don’t expect since we all know they can be quite intense enemies! However, what does it mean when a dog licks a cat, exactly?

Is this a sign of warning, or is it pure love that a dog wants to show to their feline friends at home or outside while walking? There are actually different factors that show how a dog feels about a cat based on their licks. So read on as I show you the reasons behind your dog licking cats and if it’s safe for them to do so!

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