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Are Belgian Malinois Good Family Dogs? Learn About Them Here

are belgian malinois good family dogs
Adult Tan Belgian Malinois Biting Stick on Grass Field.

There are so many dog breeds we know and love, and so much more not many people know about! That’s what makes dogs so amazing because there is so much to discover about them. And if you’re choosing a breed to get as your forever pet, you may have stumbled upon the Belgian Malinois, a majestic dog with a unique personality.

However, are Belgian Malinois good family dogs and fit for the household? That’s a great question and there are so many things to look into before getting one yourself. So read on as I show you all about the Belgian Malinois now.

When Do English Bulldogs Stop Growing? The Stages to Learn Now

when do english bulldogs stop growing
Funny English bulldog playing on table.

English bulldogs are such adorable dog breeds that deserve some love, too! They don’t only have the cute and unique looks, but the sweet personality that’s lovable and easy to care for. Plus, they are an ideal size to care for and take without them being too big for families. But it makes you wonder, “when do English Bulldogs stop growing?”

There are a few factors that play into an English Bulldog’s growth, so it’s best to learn about it to know if they’re healthily developing. So read on as I show you the growth stages of an English Bulldog.

German Shepherd Potty Training Problems and How to Fix It

german shepherd potty training problems
German Sheperd puppy training.

Bringing home your German Shepherd puppy would probably be one of the best moments of your life. You’ll be raising a puppy who will grow to love and protect you for all his life. However, you’ll need to take on the different responsibilities owning a German Shepherd, and though they are highly intelligent, you need to ensure that they’re given proper training from the start to grow their mind and body.

One of the issues many owners have are the German Shepherd potty training problems. I’m sure many dog owners are exasperated from having to potty train their pups or dogs. Fortunately, there are ways on how to effectively train them to potty where they should be. To learn more, read on!

Are German Shepherds Hard to Train? All You Need to Learn

are german shepherds hard to train
Toddler girl training the dog.

A lot of people want to own a German Shepherd for various reasons, from better security down to smart dogs to love. However, one thing a lot of people tend to ask is about their training, asking me, “are German Shepherds hard to train?” Being one of the top three most intelligent dogs, there’s no doubt that they’re easier to be with, BUT there are some factors to consider.

If you want to learn more about the German Shepherd and training them, then read on! I did the research to help you know more about how to properly train your dog.

Eight Mind Games For German Shepherds You Should Try Now

mind games for german shepherds
German shepherd dog running through skittles.

When it comes to training your German Shepherd, you don’t only condition their minds to know certain words. You also train to hone their minds and learn more about logic and building up their physical strength! Think of these intelligent dog breeds as children who want to have fun while learning a ton along the way.

So if you want to learn more about the different mind games for German Shepherds you can play with, then read on! I’ll show you the top ten you should try with your German Shepherd now.

Why Are German Shepherds So Smart? The Facts to Know!

why are german shepherds so smart
German shepherd standing and looking straight in the camera.

If you own a German Shepherd, then you probably already know just how smart and diligent they can be! After all, you can’t expect anything lower than one of the main breeds of police dogs. But why are German Shepherds so smart in the first place?

German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent even at such a young age, but they do require extensive truing in order to sharpen their mind. So if you’re wondering about the German Shepherd’s mental power and how to continue training them well, read on! I’ll be talking all about these dog breeds and how smart they can be.

Do German Shepherds Drink a Lot Of Water? The Answers Revealed!

do german shepherds drink a lot of water
German shepherd drinking water from metall plate

Regardless of what dog breed you own, one of their basic necessities is food and water. Not many owners focus on their dog’s water intake which is why it’s time to learn all about how much water they need and how much is TOO much. For German Shepherds, their water requirements are just as similar as any other breed, though they may need more depending on the extensiveness of training and exercise.

It does make you wonder, “do German Shepherds drink a lot of water?” If you want to learn more about your German Shepherd’s wear requirements and how to provide them clean water, read on!

How to Do Labrador Puppy Training: First Month At Home!

labrador puppy training first month home
Labrador retriever puppy in the yard.

Labradors are known to be one of the cutest and trainable breeds, which is why you find them working as service dogs! However, their diligent and disciplined demeanor doesn’t come immediately after birth. Of course, you’ll need to train them well to ensure that they learn and follow the commands you do.

As much as possible, it’s best to start training them as early as you can once they’re ready to grow and develop! But how can you do do that with a small Labrador puppy? Read on as I show you how to do Labrador puppy training: first month at home!

The Helpful Facts and Tips on Sharing a Dog Between Two Homes

sharing a dog between two homes
English Cocker Spaniel Puppy Sitting On Ground Beside Grass

Did you know that people actually share dogs and these lovely pets have two homes to go to? Not only do couples and families do this, but friends as well, from busy owners to full-time employees. These kinds of arrangements are great to ensure that the dog is healthy, but it can also be stressful.

That’s why it’s crucial to learn more about sharing a dog between two homes to reduce the anxiety it puts on the pet. I did the research so read on to know about dog sharing and how you can do it for your dog’s sake, too!

How to Tell If My Husky Is Purebred: The Signs to Watch Out For!

how to tell if my husky is purebred
Close-up Photo of Siberian Husky

Huskies are some of the most adorable dog breeds many love for their stubborn yet playful demeanor. But they can come at quite expensive prices and there are some owners who would love to have purebred Huskies around the house. While having mixed breeds is just as beautiful, you’ll, of course, want to get your money’s worth!

It had me wonder, “how to tell if my Husky is purebred?” I decided to do the research and see the true characteristics and signs of a purebred Husky. So read on as I help you learn more about your Husky!

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