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How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Labor For A Healthy Delivery

how to tell if your dog is in labor
A dog gives birth.

If you were like me when I had my first experience of watching a dog go through labor, then I guess it would have been a horrific, confusing and maybe frightening experience for you as it was for me. Well, it happened so because the dog wasn’t mine as I had to stand in for the owner who had to run off to get some supplies for the about to deliver mom.

But I was able to handle the situation as my friend was on his way back and only needed 15 minutes to get there. He said all I needed to do was to ensure the dog is in its box and watch. Since then I have seen a dog about to deliver her puppies not less than 12 times. So, to know how to tell if your dog is in labor, then hitch a ride with me, let’s go there!

Ok, so the first thing I must say is this when your dog is about to deliver, there is no course to panic or be confused as research shows that over 90% of dogs deliver safely without complications or any human assistance; guess that’s comforting enough for a start!

How to Make Dog Toothpaste: 7 Easy Steps For Cleaner Teeth!

how to make dog toothpaste
The dog is holding a toothbrush in his mouth.

Imagine that you are stepping into your house and immediately your dog comes out and gives you a hug. Everything is good until he yawns and spews out a really bad, strong smell that can take you out of the room. Do not worry! You can easily clean up his mouth by mixing some natural ingredients that you already have in your house. Here’s how.

Dog Scratching Carpet: Causes and Prevention For Clean Homes

dog scratching carpet
Cute puppy sitting on carpet near wet spot.

Have you ever wondered why your dog is scratching the carpet? Such action performed by your dog is actually a destructive behavior which requires being corrected. Before you should correct this kind of behavior, you need to be aware of the causes why your dog manifests the same.

Dogs may sometimes be unconscious scratching the carpets, most especially when they are about to sleep. This destructive behavior is one of the ways on how they mark their favorite spot. If you observed, dogs often lie down on the same spot.

Of course, there may be some positive effects of such behavior. However, scratching the carpet may lead to obsession and may result to a problem.

Is Your Dog Licking Air? The 6 Reasons You Need to Know

dog licking air
Golden Retriever licking lips.

Have you ever wondered why your dogs keeps on licking the air? Some of us may find it strange for them to flick their tongues in and out continuously. At some point, we are aware that they do such act in order to keep themselves clean.

But, there are actually more reasons behind, which we may never have expected. Some of these acts may just be mere behaviors, but we never know if these indicate something more serious. The dog’s Doing of those acts for a longer period suggests that there is a possibility of a compulsive disorder.

Why Does My Dog Nibble Me? Why It Happens and How to Stop It

why does my dog nibble me
Brown puppy dog is hungry and nibbling and chewing his owner's hand or finger.

How do you feel when your dog nibbles you? More often than not, we enjoy whenever our puppy nibbles us, however, we cannot deny the fact that it would be a different case for a fully grown adult dog. As dog owners, we need to be aware of whether our dog’s behavior is acceptable or not.

Young dogs learn to explore the world with their mouths. This leads to a puppy nipping or biting at anything that comes near its face, including you. They would also try to destroy anything around the house its teeth can get on.

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers For Clipping and Grooming At Home

Best Dog Nail Clippers
The woman is cutting nails of dog dachshund

Once you have become the owner of a puppy, it is necessary to prepare all the essential tools to give him a happy and healthy environment. Among these, a perfect pair of nail clippers is what you will be using frequently to keep his nails in check.

The key to an effective care of dog nails is probably the combination of the best nail clipper and good technique. In this guide, you will get a good overview of both, especially with a detailed list of top 5 products on the market.

A Helpful Guide on How to Get Your Dog to Mate

how to get your dog to mate
Fawn pug dog in mating season.

Mating is a natural process for most dogs, but there are also inexperienced dogs who might need a little help from us. Some of the important factors to a successful breeding are timing, health, and environmental considerations. With that, we make sure that the mating between the two dogs goes correctly. Yes, it can a long process and even though there are remarkable advances today in the tools and techniques for veterinary reproduction, natural mating is still one of the top ways to accomplish breeding.

Indeed, producing the miracle of life can often be a difficult task when you’re dealing with dogs. The process, given the dog’s sizes, involves knowing whether the male can successfully penetrate the female. In addition to that, perhaps the hardest part of getting a male dog to mate with a female is simply attracting him to do so.

But by using a few tips that dog breeders have used successfully in the past, you can teach your dog to mate.

Horner’s Syndrome in Dogs: Everything You Need to Know About

horner syndrome dog

Which parts in the body of your dog that you think to play the most important role in his daily activities? Even though the answers will depend on personal thoughts, I believe that most of us will come to the same conclusion: eyes.

Quite cliche, but eyes are truly the windows to the soul of humans as well as pets. Therefore, it is important to help your dog keep healthy eyes. In this post, we want to share with you some information about a quite common eye condition which could happen in dogs: Horner syndrome.

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere? 8 Reasons To Take Note

why does my dog follow me everywhere

Why does your dog follow your every move? Is it because he can’t stand a moment without you? Or is it simply an instinctive desire to stick his nose into everything you do?

No matter where you are in the house, this four-legged member of your family keeps shadowing every step you take. This is one of the rewarding things about being a dog owner, however, have you ever wondered why they follow you everywhere?. Let us check these some possible reasons.

The 3 Best Dog Toothpaste Brands For Your Dog’s Clean Teeth

best dog toothpaste
Girl owner is cleaning teeth of retriever puppy after shower.

As far as I know, no dog wants to have its teeth brushed, even when it can feel the worst smelling breath coming out of its mouth. However, using a really good toothpaste product can make this process much easier and also bring the best result to the teeth of your pet.

In this post, we will show you all of the important information on how to clean your dog’s teeth and short reviews on three most popular dog toothpaste products in the market these days.

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